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Mike now has 2 books in print, and 2 more on the way:




    To learn about them, or how to acquire a copy, please click on the images.

        These books are religious in nature. I once told a friend of mine that Id written a religious book, and that a lot of people (locally) will recognize my name from all the columns Ive written in the Journal and Courier, so maybe theyll sell. He said, When I read your columns in the newspaper, I expect to get a laugh; not a sermon. I dont know that your readers in the newspaper will be interested in religious books.
        But you know what? No one will buy your books if you dont publish them. So I published them anyway. What does he know? Hes just a successful businessman with a nice car, mansion, and trophies on his mantle.
        The first one, Reasons, is a short one that outlines how I came to believe the Bible, and a few conclusions Ive drawn from it. The second, The Routing, is a compilation of messages from the Bible I used to publish and circulate in workplaces. Its a lot longer, but each page is a different teaching. Its a good potty-side reader (if you like the way I write).
        If you click on one of the pictures of the covers, it will take you to a page that has more information about each book, including the first chapters, and instructions for those inclined to buy them. If you get sticker shock, please understand that I had nothing to do with the cover prices: the publisher dictated that.
        Please accept my sincere gratitude in visiting this site, and considering reading my books. If youre more inclined to read free stuff, there are several essays available on the sidebar to the left of this page. Thanks again,



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